we are specialists in logistics processes.

We currently have 11,000 m2 of surface area authorized for the storage of all types of merchandise, including ADR merchandise. We offer all kinds of warehousing services: the preparation of orders, the expeditions and the transport.

The radiofrequency system with barcode allows us to have a real-time control of the current stock, and as well as all the traceability of the merchandise.

We have an abundance of warehousing experience in the world of fashion. We can immediately hang the garments when we receive them. We also offer quality control and the preparation of orders according to the type of the packaging and the means of transport to the destinations indicated by our customers.

Moreover, we are very well experienced in taking care of the logistics of the sector of the motorcycles. We are considered the best specialized freight forwarder in the transport of the trial, mountain and road motorbikes as well as the mechanical parts, spare parts, accessories, etc …