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Bâtiments was born in 2007 with the desire to be your trusted supplier and your total business partner that you can count on when you have a need for international freight transport, logistics and customs management and that you can turn to when you need customized solutions.

Our company philosophy is developed as a result of the concept of going one step further with you and for you, creating a close, effective, responsible and empathetic human and professional relationship.


We are a multigenerational company with a lot of experience in the sector and an intercultural, multilingual and highly qualified human team that works side by side to offer you a personalized tailored service.

Always attentive to your needs, we provide you with up-to-date information about the situation of your transport. We use technology to be even more accessible, immediately resolutive and to be able to advise you with the best option, ensuring that communication is sincere and direct.


This willingness to serve saves you time and minimizes costs, streamlining the process through our extensive network of international agents that allow us to cover your needs both in exporting and importing merchandise. Door to door.

As a loyalty system, we rely on the facts, the day-to-day, close treatment and trust. And, statistically, we are guided by the satisfaction of our customers. Our strategy is that you feel cared for, in the best professional hands and that you have no reason or the work to keep looking. Attending to each situation and need that arises to give you the best service with the best results.

A young company with experience.

We are a team of professionals with many years of experience who work conscientiously to offer the added value of a personalized service, always thinking about the tranquility and comfort of our clients.

A summary of our recent history:

We have a professional history of more than forty (40) years of proven experience in the sector. Bâtiments is the conjunction of all this experience and know-how with the acquisition of new talent from various sectors to meet the expectations of a market that, according to our point of view, requires a special sensitivity beyond new technologies. Something that no chat-bot or cloud application can replace. Despite having this technology and making the necessary and appropriate use, experience tells us that the best companion for your business is the sensitive touch of those who watch over it and take care of it in a human and close way, thinking of and for you.

A market that needs values.

In essence, we focus on service, information and empathy for our customers. For us, transparency and treatment are essential in all professional relationships, as well as the ability to resolve and deal with.

In the current context of a market in constant movement and change, we consider that one of the mainstays to ensure that human and professional relationships are fostered in stability and continuity resides, above all, in the way of interacting.

For this reason, at Bâtiments we believe that, beyond the social responsibilities of trend and emotional marketing, it is important that, in the first place, customer service is placed as a main company value. The real one, with the intention, humility and the clear objective of satisfying a need, followed by the information that accompanies this service and that generates the tranquility of being covered, accompanied and cared for. And finally, the two-way empathy that, above all, humanizes us and promotes responsible professional relationships, know-how and good treatment.

As the name itself defines, Bâtiments, in French construction, emanates the desire and the will to build a solid and consistent relationship with you through service, responsiveness and the good will to build a professional collaboration based on the respect and confidence with solid fundamentals and with a clear and stable projection.